Be Strategic in Your Prayer Life!

Download the Prayer Strategy Sheet and Learn to Pray Specifically Today!

Download the Prayer Strategy Sheet!

The printable PDF will help you intentionally pray for yourself, your work, your family, and pray for others near and far.

Download the Prayer Strategy Sheet to learn how to pray for others consistently. Originally developed for my own use in my daily prayers, I use this sheet to write down specific requests. If I tell someone I will pray for them, I add them to this sheet. And then I pray through the sheet during the week.

I use this sheet to help me keep focused in my prayers and help me to remember God's power and might through prayers He has already answered. But also through keeping my prayers balanced.

There are sections for:

  • Answers to Prayer.
  • Things I am grateful for.
  • Who I am praying for this week.
  • What my needs are for health, emotions, spiritual, and more!
  • How I can pray for family and my inner circle
  • And turn my thoughts outward as I pray for leaders near me and in the world.

Make your prayer life more specific, productive, and intentional using this simple, easy to fill in sheet! It's free!

Prayer Strategy Sheet

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Pray specific requests, be productive, and use intention while filling in the simple Prayer Strategy Sheet!